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HowTired idly generates designs and sells them through CafePress. All designs are displayed below. As the collection of designs grows, the categories will fork off into separate CafePress shops. If you would like a design/merchandise combination not currently available in the store, or have any other requests or questions, please send mail to

Please visit the HowTired CafePress store to purchase merchandise with these designs.

Current Designs. How Tired.


For discerning math geeks.

[ Eightfold ] [ Sixfeet ]

Funny Slogans

For people who just aren't witty on their own.

[ ASS SEEN ON TV ] [ I made out with my older cousin ] [ Warning: May have been in contact with nuts. ]

Dharma Bums

What do you get for the person who is one with everything? Tibetan and Sanskrit-esque t-shirts for all your mendicant friends.

[ Why Get Upset? ] [ Dakshen Nyampa ] [ seedless ] [ root guru ]

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